Friday, 9 November 2012

Open public services, open standards

Vicky Sargent’s Blog Watch 10: open public services, open standards - The Information "In his blog in ComputerWorldUK, Glyn Moody, another supporter of the principles, suggests it’s unlikely to come to that, because of the extensive consultation on the issues carried out by the Cabinet Office and its ‘unprecedented efforts to hear all sides of the argument.’
The level of detail that the Cabinet Office has released, alongside the Principles, about the consultation process is, he says, ‘a clear sign that the Cabinet Office means business here, and that it is prepared to defend its work in the courts if necessary. The time and money that it has invested in this project over the last few years is also a token of its seriousness and desire to make open standards a reality in this country, and to establish a level playing field for government computing.’" 'via Blog this'

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