Thursday, 15 November 2012

DE Act Costs Order: has Ofcom lost its sense of timing?

DE Act Costs Order: has Ofcom lost its sense of timing?: "Ofcom has proposed a schedule whereb the first notices will go out on 1 March 2014. Two ISPs [BT and EE] have told Ofcom that its proposed timing of nine months to get the notification systems in place will not be sufficient. Both make it plain that they need a further three  to six months as a minimum.
That will mean that the proposed start date of March 2014  is unlikely to be met. System development  would have to commence by next January   to allow the full amount of  time (12-15 months)  they say they need,  and that is unlikely to happen.
The  implementing legislation has to go through Parliament, as well as get approval from the European Commission, before anyone can begin  building systems. Ofcom has already put the Costs Order before Parliament,  in its haste to meet its own schedule. However, the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee, which carried out the first Parliamentary examination of  the Costs Order, has indicated that it has reservations." 'via Blog this'

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