Thursday, 13 September 2012

Why government will not release evidence of vast e-snooping programme

Jim Killock 23216: "Considerations in favour of withholding the information: To release the breakdown requested would give valuable insight to individuals who may wish to undermine or circumvent the operational benefits that are expected as a result of the Bill. This would aid those who would wish to carry out terrorism or crime against the UK and its population.  The information withheld includes details of who the Home Office worked with. Release would highlight assets and give further insight to operational capability. Giving this level of insight would limit the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies and intelligence agencies to prevent and detect crime and protect national security. National security and law enforcement are of paramount importance to protecting the UK. There is significant public interest in protecting anything that could, or would, prejudice the Government’s abilities to protect the public against crime or terrorism."
So they haven't just made it all up then? No, I don't have any idea either.... 'via Blog this'

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