Thursday, 3 March 2016

Facebook hit by German competition probe -

Facebook hit by German competition probe - "The Bundeskartellamt said that Facebook collected large amounts of personal user data from various sources. “To access the social network, users must first agree to the company's collection and use of their data by accepting the terms of service,” it said. However, it “is difficult for users to understand and assess the scope of the agreement accepted by them”.
It said there was “considerable doubt” as to whether such a procedure was admissible under national data protection laws. “If there is a connection between such an infringement and market dominance, this could also constitute an abusive practice under competition law.” 

Facebook said: “We are confident that we comply with the law and we look forward to working with the Federal Cartel Office to answer their questions.” 

Tech industry sources said Facebook had been blindsided by the German move.
The Bundeskartellamt said it was launching the proceeding in close contact with data protection officers, consumer protection associations as well as the European Commission and the competition authorities of other EU member states. It will target the company’s Irish subsidiary and its German operation." 'via Blog this'

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