Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Public Sector ICT: OFT Shows Interest amid Competition Concerns

Public Sector ICT: OFT Shows Interest amid Competition Concerns: "OFT is keen to ensure that competition in this sector works well. The OFT is particularly seeking information about:

  • the structure of the sector, for example the number of suppliers and their market share;
  • whether there are barriers to entry which make it difficult for smaller businesses to compete in this sector;
  • whether public sector users face high barriers to switching suppliers, such as costs of transferring and restrictive licence agreements;
  • whether some suppliers seek to limit the interoperability and use of competitor systems with their own.
  • whether outsourcing of ICT service provision results in a high level of dependence on suppliers' expertise, undermining the ability of public bodies to drive value for money over time." 'via Blog this'

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