Sunday, 9 June 2013

Toxic Cloud Computing, and How Open Source Can Help

Toxic Cloud Computing, and How Open Source Can Help - Open Enterprise: "There followed a test case at the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court of Review, which held definitively that the Fourth Amendment requirement for a specific warrant only applied to surveillance directed at US persons. This opened the door for Congress to enact FISAA §1881a in 2008, which authorized mass-surveillance of foreigners (outside US territory), but whose data was within range of US jurisdiction. However, the most significant change escaped any comment or public debate altogether. The scope of surveillance was extended beyond interception of communications, to include any data in public cloud computing as well. This change occurred merely by incorporating “remote computing services” into the definition of an “electronic communication service provider”."
And so the Cloud became a giant hose sucking data into the NSA 'via Blog this'

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