Wednesday, 3 April 2013

EU Copyright Dialogue: The Great Sham(e)

EU Copyright Dialogue: The Great Sham(e) - Open Enterprise: "the "dialogue" was nothing of the kind, but a regurgitation of the failed solutions that have been tried for the last decade or more. It is beyond ironic, then, that according to one report on the session, when people tried to raise key issues like "fair use", this was batted away with the contemptuous comment "fair use is from the 20th century."
And when the crucially important topic of "exceptions" - situations where users do not require licences to use copyright material - was discussed, the massed ranks of the copyright industries seemed offended something so distasteful had even been mentioned. Luckily, the session's moderator extinguished this errant train of thought immediately so as to protect the delicate sensibilities of the maximalists who hate having to consider the idea that copyright ought to be fair and balanced." 'via Blog this'

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